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In these fevers, the febrile condition lasts during the whole continuance of the fever. They comprise ephemeral fever, inflammatory fever, typhoid fever.
Ephemeral fever, or a fever of short duration, begins with shivering, followed by heat, headache, pains in the loins, lumbago, hot but soft skin, red face, no appetite, much thirst, white tongue, scanty and red urine, constipation, full and frequent pulse.

 Electro Homoeopathy Treatment for CONTINUOUS FEVER. —All fevers are treated with F1 internally, and F2 to the hypochondria in compresses and unctions.

Electricities can be also applied to the occiput, alternating the R. E. and Y. E., or only using the W. E.
Inflammatory fever is similar to the last, but is preceded by giddiness, headaches, bewilderment, and sleepiness.
F. in dilution, second or third dilution, one teaspoonful every 5 minutes. Unctions of F2 to the hypochondria. In stopping inflammatory fevers at once, the disorder is often, as it were, stamped out, and if some sense of illness is still left, a complete cure is obtained by giving S. or A3 (second dilution), and unctions of F2 to the hypochondria.
Typhoid fever is often accompanied by cerebral nervous disorders, and becomes virtually nervous fever.
First period : Fever, intense headache, changed features, stupefied expression, delirium, giddiness, tinnitus or drum¬like noise in the ears, bleeding from the nose, a bitter, slimy or insipid taste in the mouth, white tongue, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, the abdomen tender and distended, diarrhoea, or constipation.
Second period : The headache diminishes but the stupor increases, the features become fixed, the tongue is covered with a brown coating, which stains the teeth and lips, the  
abdomen is swollen, the evacuations black, fetid, and invo¬luntary, the urine scanty and brown.
Treatment.F1 in dilution, third dilution; one tea spoonful every 5 minutes. Unctions and compresses of' F2 to the hypochondria, or F1, alt. Cs in unctions and compresses.

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