Count Ceasar Mattei, the father of electropathy medicine, was born on 11 January 1809 in the city of BOLONGA, Italy, know about Count Caesar Matti, the father of electropathy, the world's only complete herbal medicine system…

Science is a constant flow, just as every moment development is taking place, in the same way new diseases are also being born.  With the arrival of mankind on earth, mankind had started using many medicals to stay healthy and healthy.  Likewise, the development of science and the progress of science did not leave medical science untouched and a variety of medical practices developed.  A variety of medical practices such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Allopathy, Unani, Homeopathy, Acupressure appear today.  If only one method was complete in itself, then these different methods would not be required today.  Scientists have been engaged in the pursuit of perfection.  In this sequence, Count Caesar Matty gave birth to a medical science called Electrohomopathy, which is also known today as Electropathy.

Hearing the name of this medical practice, two kinds of misconceptions come to the mind of a person.

 (1) Is this a current therapy?  In which electric compresses or currents are given for treatment.

 (2) It will be a branch of homeopathy.

 Both these assumptions are completely wrong.  It is neither a current therapy nor is it a homeopathy medical practice.  It is a new and different medical system in itself.  In fact, the confusion is natural due to the use of the words electro and homo here, but here both of them are used in different ways.

 The word electro is used in the sense of electricity and homo-similarity.  The use of the concept of homoeostasis and ana ion and ceta ion found in current electrodes or bodies is also an attempt to explain the term electro homo.  However, if you understand or explain the meaning of both the words in any way, it is certain that the word Electro and Homeo has come out from Electricity and Similarity, its detailed explanation is as follows: -

 Electrohomopathy is a set of 3 words: -

  Electro: - Human body and vegetation have two powers given by God, first negative, second positive, these are called electricity of the body. This positive / positive and negative / negative powers are equal in the body when it is health / healthy.  The condition is called.  Inequality in the body of these powers, ie electricity, is called diseases.  That is, the word electro is used here only for electricity and not any relation to current.

 Homeo: - It is a Latin word meaning equality which means to convert any inequality into equality.  Because in this medical system, inequality / disease / disease of physical electricity is changed from plant electricity to equality / health / health, hence the term homo has been used here.  That is, the word homeo has no relation with the method of homeopathy here.

 Pathy: - means any medical method or medical science.  Overall, electropathy is the scientific medical system that teaches us to equalize / healthy / cure uneven electricity / disease of human body by the power of tree plants.

 Electropathy Theory and Foundations
Quenching of the joint of complexa-complexis curenter joint

Mattei said that his body and body parts are all interconnected, so if disease arises, he affects the entire organ.  To cure this affected organ, we have to give some complex medicine combined medicine.

Impairment of juice and blood is the cause of diseases

 Rase: Blood: F Pure Creature The principle of longevity Rapanoti has been prevalent in our India for many centuries.  In the body of human beings, two types of Chaitanya liquid blood and blood continuously travel in the body and provide life and health.  Their journey in the entire body in a pure state helps in maintaining health as well as physical development, and both of them travel in the body with impurities, causing disease and causing physical damage.  Meti not only accepted this scientific fact but also included in the major principles of electropathy, that "vitiation of lymph and blood is causes of diseases"

 The medicinal basis of electropathy is the only and only tree plant.  Ie 100% herbal

 All the drugs of electropathy are made from the botanical world.  In addition to this method, drugs other than the plant world are manufactured by mineral-salts, organisms and synthesized chemicals and these drugs have many harmful and detrimental effects on the human body.  But the entire medicines of the only electropathy medical system are harmless due to the complete dependence on the plants.  Matti had a clear idea that our food is plants and plants, so the treatment of diseases should also be done in these nature-provided tree plants, only then we can keep ourselves healthy and healthy forever.

 Why Electropathy?  : -

 Many people ask why should we adopt electropathy!  At present, many developed methods like Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homeopathy are prevalent, then why take Electropathy medicines?  Friends, science has been constantly in search of the best.  The earliest invention by science is considered the best.  Electropathy is the youngest method of medical science.  So, of course, this method should be perfect.

 Count Caesar Mattei, the father of electropathy, tried to get rid of the defects of all the methods that were prevalent at the time. This idea gave birth to electropathy and Meti Sahab tried to incorporate the good qualities of the methods prevalent at that time into electropathy.  And the solution of their properties was also added with this method.  What are the good things that show us the direction to adopt electropathy?  Let's know

 (1) Medicines that are nature-based, ie, are not made by external use of chemicals, metals or animals, that is, electropathy is completely natural, because the basis of all its medicines are plant plants only and only.  That is, Electropathy is a complete herbal medical science.

 (2) There is an overall pathology that removes diseases from root root.  That is, this property is much more prevalent in electropathy than other medical methods.

 (3) With the removal of the root from the disease, those drugs do not have any side effect on any part of the body, that is, the medicines of electropathy are completely harmless and have no side effect.

 (4) If medicines are going to give quick benefits, it is difficult to wait in this era of Bhagdor.
 That is, Electropathy medicines are effective on new diseases soon. Some chronic diseases definitely require some long-term treatment, which is also necessary for disease relief.

 (5) It should be easy to take medicines which can be easily taken by children, old and young people of all levels.  That is, it is very easy to take the medicines of electropathy, these can be transported in powder form in tablets in syrup form in tablets in liquid form and also with the help of injection.

 (6) Surgery is least required except in emergency and accidental situations.  That is, electropathy is able to cure many diseases related to surgery with the use of only medicines.  Such as tonsillitis, sinusitis piles uterus fibroid, uterus cyst, cheek bladder stone, kidney stone etc.

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